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Forbes Speaks Common Sense on Vaping

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In the January 5, 2015 edition of Forbes Magazine, Steve Forbes writes about common sense and vaping.  In his article "E-Cigs: A Lifesaver That Health Fascists Want To Kill", Forbes posits that public health officials and politicians are presenting a false narrative about e-cigs and teenage smoking rates.  He believes the facts suggest a 50% reduction in teenage smoking since e-cigs became prevalent and have been the real, identifiable source that has kept teens from picking up smoking tobacco.  Check out the source document here and share your thoughts below.

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(About the author: Chris Bussell is a vape enthusiast, owner/partner in several vape shops, eLiquid Manufacturer, and daily blower of clouds. He is an Active Army National Guard Warrant Officer, holds a Master’s of Strategic Intelligence, and gets to plan satellite networks for a living.)

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